Friday, 4 July 2014

Resume Mistakes

Most people don't realize that a resume is really a personal marketing "brochure." Yes, you are selling yourself: your skills, your knowledge and your time to the lucky employer who hires you.

Since resumes are a one page document you have to make sure that you are getting maximum use out of the space. Don't start a with 20 point headline for your name and address.

If possible, a resume should be no more than one page. If you MUST put your experience from 30 years ago, simply list the job titles and highlight from and to dates.

Multiple studies show that mothers in particular face automatic bias that has a direct impact on pay and promotions. Being a woman and having a gap in your resume often triggers that bias. So what's the most important Resume Advice for someone who has a gap in her resume?

One more very important part of your resume is how it is physically put together, that is how you present it to your prospective boss. Never just hand over a bunch of papers or a resume that has "done the rounds". make sure you print a new one for each interview and at the very least clip them or put a hole punch in it to keep it together.

Understand the written job description for the position you want. You can improve the content of your resume if you know what the employers are looking for. Read the job description and tailor your resume according to the job description, this way it shows you have done your research and are interested in the position. However, if you are not targeting a specific job, incorporate an objective line inside your resume.

You may decide to go with the option of creating your resume from scratch. Just be careful that your spelling and grammar are correct and remember that you are probably using a format that many others are using as well. You have to make the content shine because the format will most likely be too similar to get you noticed.

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