Friday, 4 July 2014

Writing Your Resume

Keep in mind that you should utilize a professional resume format when you are writing a resume for a job application. The two most accepted formats of writing resume are the functional and chronological formats. To facilitate the interview process, you can use chronological format so that your interviewer can follow through your employment timeline.

We realize this may be easier said than done. You may already have a full-time job with demanding hours. Or you might be juggling several part-time jobs. Or you may have other demands and responsibilities, such as school or family obligations. However, some of you have no excuse. Yes, we're taking to you...the 24/7 basement gamer, the soap opera addict and the weekend golf warrior. If you have the time and the need, seasonal jobs are abundant during the holidays, especially restaurant jobs and retail jobs. Since part-time gigs offer such flexible schedules, you can grab extra cash on your own time. For seasonal Resume Advice, read "The secret to landing seasonal jobs & temporary employment." And remember, a part-time job after the holidays can be just as helpful as one before them.

First, you need to include your contact information at the very top. This should be your phone number, address, and email address. This is how you are going to get the call for an interview so it is very important and belongs at the very top.

For some unknown reason there is a certain group of people within society that feel they can get ahead in the job hunting process by just rewriting a resume for every position they see. This is not How to Write a Resume! Finding a job is not a war of attrition! Make sure you have at least a chance with everything you apply for, and tailor make your resumes to jobs you fit with!

Turn off the television. You didn't watch television at work and you shouldn't be watching Oprah or whatever it is that you watch while you are working at home. You have to focus on finding a job.

Target your resume for every job. - The best resumes are always the most relevant. It is very easy to tell if a resume has been "mass produced" and not targeted to the job being applied for. If an individual takes time to tweak the resume for the specific position they are applying for, it makes it more relevant.

A friend told me about a secretary at his old firm, who posted on Facebook as her profile update: "Idiot boss just came in and asked me to do something. Blah Blah Blah Blah. I work for a moron."Moron, maybe... but a self promoting associate saw the post moments later and shared it with idiot boss, who promptly asked said secretary to pack her things and leave.

Again this is hard work. But, it works. If you will follow these steps you will find the right job for you and your skills. You must sell yourself. You sell yourself in your resume, in your presentation and in the interview. You may not like selling but you better be good at it if you want to land a good job. Employers can afford to be picky in these economic times. You have to do these kinds of things to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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